2008. július 29., kedd

Scrap x Scrap challenge #2

This is my first LO for a foreign blog - challenge, it's for ScrapxScrap. I'm now by Mom, and I can't write with kanjis here, so it's better to write in english... I thought... Sorry Everyone, for my poor english!

Papers: Doodlebug - Lovely Lime Stripes, and Lovely Lime Dots

Handwrite text is: "You gone almost all along the path, because you didn't like to walk"
(The title) "In the grass". The title is also a word-game with japanese word "fuben". (Because my son doesn't like too much to be in the grass... )
In Hungary there isn't too much Scrapbook things, I cut the bracket, the title myself. The doodle flower is also myne...

And a bit closer:

Thanks for coming, and have a nice day! :D

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